Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mad about Angry Birds

Ever since I got my Wildfire resurrected from the SIS service center, I have totally revamped it with just one application, the Angry Birds! I used to read so much about the Angry Birds on Iphone, and Wildfire users complaining the earlier Android version Eclair did not have good speed on supporting the Angry Birds and apparently the new version Froyo was a somewhat better option to play the game.

I had to re-install all my favourite applications once my phone was back with the new software, kick me for not doing a backup, some system analyst, eh. But I did use the old traditional method of listing out my applications on a post-it note so that I would at least know what I needed. While installing, I came across the Angry Birds at the market and got it installed out of curiosity.

It was hubby, who always uses my phone at late nights just to play the game who discovered the addiction and adrenalin (and battery usage) rush in the game, got me playing with him to bring down the green pigs in their challenging structures. And the rest is history.

We play like a team, an excellent one at that, taking turns to give a shot (literally) and climb the ladder of levels and themes. It is so addictive that we both have had sleepless nights just trying to clear a level, waking up next morning like a zombie for work. After a sleepless night, there is no better news that 'sayang, I already cleared XX level' and the other one goes 'OMG thats so great!'. And this is coming from a non-gamer hubby and myself. The last game I was totally into was perhaps CD-man and those handheld brickgames.

Angry Birds also come in handy when I want to de-stress while waiting for the famous Subang-Summit traffic, now with the game in hand, I hardly feel the time passing (slowly) by! No more cursing the traffic police for being biased allowing more time to the other side traffic, and if I get to clear a level, its an added bonus! Do I sound like a paid TV advertisement or what?

The Angry Birds is a total revolution in smartphone gaming. I am not sure if the android version is the same as Iphone's, but heck, it is so good I am not complaining! And hey it is not just me, according to wikipedia, Angry Birds has 100 million downloads across all platform, the game has been called "one of the most mainstream games out right now", "one of the great runaway hits of 2010", and "the largest mobile app success the world has seen so far.

The Angry Birds are so famous, they even have their trailers on youtube. Definitely better than some other tasteless youtube videos circulated by media. Check it out!

Cinematic Trailer:

In-game Trailer:


Jep said...

Loves Angry Bird..but a bit hard and challenging at should try also 'Cut the rope'..quite cute, challenging, and addictive too! :)

QarezmaV said...

Cut the rope.. i will try to download it tonight! thx!

Cas said...

Not you too, hehe. My sis, cousin and family friends are just MAD over this game. Can you believe there are merchandizes like iphone cover and plush toys too?

MH Yap said...

It's one of my favourite game in my iphone!!! It's really addictive. And yeah, like Jep mentioned, Cut The Rope is a very simple yet addictive game as well.

QarezmaV said...

Cas - oh yeah, never thought possible but I am!! reading about it on wikipedia was like just wow..they are so famous now!

MH - cool looking forward to check out the other game too!

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