Monday, April 18, 2011

I Want to Win Babywearing Gears for Great Cloth Diaper Change – KL!

What does the Great Cloth Diaper Change KL have in common with Cloth Diapering? Natural parenting, of course! And I am proud to say that I am a babywearer, who also fully cloth diapers my kid for the last 1 year.

After much research and consideration, I purchased a Soft Structured Carrier (SSC) for our then 10-month-old baby. It turned out to be so convenient and gives this secure feeling, bonding and closeness while carrying out daily chores, such as cooking, doing the laundry or even during shopping or other outings. Whats more, babywearing proves to be a good workout for me, with the baby weight and chores burning calories at the same time.

Experts say babywearing benefits the baby by promoting better physical development and secure feeling by being close (almost skin to skin) with the wearer. We are often told how swaddling and massaging baby promotes growth and better health, it works the same way here. I remember how newly born Sanju constantly needed to be carried to soothe him down. Now that I am expecting my second baby, I intend to babywear my newborn sooner for better bonding and communication. The best part is a single babywearing gear can be worn by either mother or father.

When choosing a baby carrier, convenience and comfort for both wearer and wearee is most important. The material should be breathable and extremely gentle to baby's tender skin, as well as the super-emotional mother's back. It should provide so much support that baby wearing should feel almost a breeze, with no back or muscle straining. It is important that it is convenient to put the baby in or out, as needed. An added advantage is that if the one carrier is able to be shared by both mother and father without needing excessive adjustments during the transition. This goes very well as I fully support father's involvement in baby care, especially in the early months.

My ideal baby carrier does fit the qualities of a ring sling (RS). I have had one great chance of trying a ring sling on my baby once, and I truly loved the convenience of wearing my baby right from home. The RS also works well for breastfeeding mothers, as it allows discreet nursing, and doubles up easily as a nursing poncho! And with the multiple possible positions to wear my baby in the ring sling, there are so many ways to soothe the fussy little one.

The requirements of an ideal baby carrier would be of a luxurious looking fabric yet comfortable to be worn, perhaps of linen or silk. A reversible carrier, that comes with attractive fabric in both inside and outside would give the effect of having 2 carriers in one. Something of a maroon or purplish colour would give just the right sophistication to the baby wearing mother, and a neutral coloured-printed or just plain on the other side would suit the baby wearing father well. This reversible carrier can have some sequine or embroidery works on the feminine side, and to further add the glam factor, a shiny golden rings would be just perfect!

Now with 4 more months to the arrival of my second baby, I have been working (and shopping) hard on purchasing and building up baby stash. While Sanju is participating in creating a world record, it would be absolutely delightful if my newborn baby carrier stash comes from this event as well. Given the choice, I would love to win the Deana Design RS because their range of RS is in lovely colours complemented with gorgeous prints on the tail. Now that would go well with baby and me, and look awesome on any outfit!

Needless to say, I am very excited to carry my newborn on a RS. Last but not least, the feeling of knowing my baby is secure in the carrier is just priceless. Here is a picture of me and my happy baby in a ring sling.

More details on the world record event here at Great Cloth Diaper Change KL and join us to learn more on cloth diapers, babywearing and eco friendly parenting at the GCDC's Eco & Health Friendly Sales Bazaar!!

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