Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Maybel's Closet FI2 and Twinkle Toes AI2

Here are the 2 new CDs on the block that I am so excited about:

1) Maybel's Closet OS FI2

I scored this Fleece-in-2 (FI2) tester from a friend WAHM who wanted CD mamas to try out her latest invention. Me, well, just wanted to buy a FI2 in the pretty printed fleece! And the best thing about this FI2 cover is that it comes with 3 snaps positioned in such a way that we can use it with any existing soakers that comes with 1 or 2 snaps. The body is totally made with fleece, with embelished wings (cotton, me thinks), and extra bullet-proofing (as Maybel says) at the wet zone for no leaking.

I have used it with bamboo fleece and also zorb soakers (from the below Twinkle Toes AI2) for night use. It has performed pretty well, and the print looks damn gorgeous on my baby's bum. On the downside, it seems a little bulky, but the fleece fabric makes it look sort of fluffy, instead of plain bulk. Using it on largest size settings works for me so far. Using the smaller settings might increase the bulk, which is why Maybel had earlier opted to make this a sized FI2.

2) Twinkle Toes AI2

I bought this new from a fellow CD-mama. This diaper is S/M sized, the smallest settings enough to fit a newborn. The cover can be used as a cover with fitteds, or with prefolds, or as a AI2 system with the soakers. The added leg gussets allows it to contain any kind of mess, especially when using prefolds or traditional lampins. I am hoping this to come in handy as a cover with lampins later with my newborn. It comes with 2 pieces of snap in soaker made from cuddly soft bamboo fleece, two layers of Zorb and it's topped with a stay dry layer of suede cloth. The best part, the soaker is versatile enough to be used with the above mentioned FI2, what else can I ask for?

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