Sunday, April 15, 2012

Living A Zoo Life

Well life has been like a zoo with 1 playful toddler and 1 baby that gets all excited seeing his brother's playfulness that he almost jumps out of my grip. But this is not the zoo this post is about.

Ever since we moved into the new neighbourhood, there has been numerous cars driving around on speed as slow as 10kmph, just to check out the houses and perhaps check out the extent of renovations the people have done to their homes. On weekends and public holidays, the frequency is higher, and speed slower. I kid you not.

While it is flattering to be 'checked out' for our new house, it is sometimes weird that we suddenly feel like a piece of exhibition at the zoo where people visit, stop, watch, and move on to the next piece. I won't be surprised if the passengers in the car are even munching on popcorn or other goodies. I suddenly feel the frustration and loss of privacy that the animals on exhibit at the zoo would feel like. And we complain (I know I do) if they are sitting idle in the corner doing nothing. It is totally our right to chill out in our own space without being watched or judged.

On another note, it is the time of baby solid feeding milestone again and I am into baby solid prep all over again. Jeev is progressing well with his solid intake and at the moment he is having a taste of pasta with pumpkin sauce.

I managed to steal some time over the weekend to make pizzas, using ready-made pizza crust. One is barbeque chicken sausage, and the other tuna delight, which turned out more quiche-like. A wise man once told me that the beauty of the cooking is in the audience, without him, it is nothing. And I feel lucky and gifted that I have such a great receiver and appreciator with an immaculate taste for good food and cooking experiments. The positive words of feedback encourages me to make more and better. Bon Appetite!

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Darren said...

yeah tat zoo exhibition part is seriously true... we experienced tat too...annoying...

& wooowww..ur bbq pizza toppings is soooo 'rich'... superb!!(or is it the zoomed version makes it to look like tat..??) bt anyhow..i'm drooling already..hehex..umwahhh

QarezmaV said...

lol its bloated with toppings and sauce thats y look so rich ;)

Cas said...

Hey congrats on the move! Your pizzas look sooo good and yummy. Somebody has been baking and cooking lately :) Keep up the good work!

QarezmaV said...

thx Cas, i cook all the time but baking is new with my new kitchen ;)

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