Monday, April 2, 2012

Baking For Love

We finally got our oven built into the new kitchen cabinets and I finally got the chance to test (my rusty baking skills and) the oven out. I was spending hours of surfing the net trying to decide what I want to bake to officiate the oven. It took days of attempts and planning till I really got the time to execute the plan. Remember I am the hectic mother of an active toddler and clingy baby?

The first thing that I planned to bake had to be toddler friendly, as I am always feeding Sanju with biscuits for snack, and I prefer him to eat something homemade, like finally! My virtual best friend (Google) brought me to the perfect site for healthy toddler bakes here, and I decided to try out the Oaty Crisp Biscuits.

And the verdict? Nice smell (thanks to the cinnamon), crispy on the outside, but a bit soft inside. I think I should have made them smaller. But on the whole it was a hit with the target audience, Sanju, although it was not sweet at all. Here is the pic, in my most untalented photography skills.

Next, it had to be some indulging dessert for the chocolate crazy adults, with some hints of cheese presence. I decided to go for this cheat chocolate cheese cake that I made previously for my mom's new oven. Basically I just bought a box of ready-mix chocolate cake, added about 200g of butter, 1 cup milk, 250g of cream cheese and 2 eggs, and voila! Cheat, but moist chocolate cheese cake at your service. The final product looks like this:

My creative half was so excited that he wanted to recreate the Bubba Gump's Chocolate Thing with the cake and some ice cream. He layered ice cream and compacted the cake into a mug, heated it up in the microwave, and then put a topping of the same ice cream. The taste was so good that it was overwhelming. I think we might have just uncovered some secrets there!

Next I have planned numerous bakes and grills to be done in the oven, as long as my hectic schedule permits! Watch this space for more.

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