Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Parenthood, Yet Again

Q: What are the symptoms of a sick kid?

A: Lack of sleep, loss of appetite and crankiness - in the parents

Slowly parenthood is making more sense. The sacrifice, the sleepy nights and compassion, are all beginning to show its magnitude.

Over the last one week the kids have been taking turns falling sick with viral fever. While I appreciate their consideration in doing so one by one, allowing us mere mortals to provide them with the necessary tlc (tender loving care, not travel and living channel) and sleepless night activities, it is no fun staying up and living like a zombie the next day.

At times like this I am greatly grateful to my hubby for giving me the opportunity to be a SAHM. I can't imagine losing out even a minute of them being sick and needing me.

It is 4.54am and as I type this, I watch on hubby nursing the sick toddler to sleep, just hours away from catching his flight for a work trip. Papa of the year, and don't forget my title too!

A humble appreciation to our parents for bringing us to where we stand now. We would be nothing without you. Allow me to stay awake and send the boss off for his trip.
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Darren said...

so sweet.. :) get well soon babies...

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