Saturday, April 21, 2012

Why This Kolaveri Di?

I am not about to present my own homemade version of Kolaveri song because it has been (over)done already. 'Why This Kolaveri Di' song went viral on social networking, and been awarded by YouTube with a Recently Most Popular Gold Medal Award for receiving a large number of hits in a short time. Once you type the words 'why' on youtube or google, the complete title comes up for your selection. Even the server backup would be updated.

As I sit listening and watching different versions of Kolaveri song on the youtube with my better half, I can't help asking, 'why this kolaveri indeed?' Why is the song such a rage?

The word Kolaveri means murderous rage in Tamil and the recent rage around the song pretty much is just that. The lyrics of the song is written in Tanglish (Tamil+English). It is a part of the soundtrack for the movie '3', written and sung by the actor Dhanush himself. Dhanush sang the song in broken English, as a Tamil person with limited knowledge of the English language. This is perhaps one big reason why the song caught up with the masses. It is very much understandable by the regular English speaking person, boosts of no pretension or exclusivity.

The lyrics of the songs is about a young man experiencing failure in his romantic relationship. No matter what is your mother tongue, this is one Tanglish song that anyone can sing or even understand!

Another possible reason for the rage on the song is perhaps a conspiracy theory by South Indian Superstar Rajnikanth. Dhanush is married to one of Rajini's daughter, and as Rajini is well into the road of retirement, it is perhaps the best way to pass the baton to his successor, Dhanush, as far as stardom is concerned. Maybe Chitti Version 2.0 and his clone robots have something to do with this!

Banking on the youtube popularity success of the song, it is filmed with numerous banner advertisements of AirAsia and Aircel. Sheer genius! With this much of popularity and strategy, no box office success needed to celebrate their movie!


Cas said...

This song is actually very addictive for some reason. I like the punjabi version of it though, even Sairah is a fan, lol. Have you seen the movie yet?

QarezmaV said...

Didn't see it but heard mixed reviews abt it. There is something abt kolaveri!

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