Monday, May 28, 2012

Movie Review: MIB 3

Hubby is a great fan of Will Smith and I have been pretty excited with the upcoming third installment of the series, which came like after 10 years of the sequel. Its been a while since we brought Sanju for a movie, and his attention on the movie trailers seemed like he might enjoy the movie given the weird aliens and all. And as for Jeev, we just hoped that he would nurse and nap as much as he wanted.

We made sure we bought the tickets hours ahead of the show, and only had to show up at the cineplex minutes before it started. Our punctuality missed its precision, we entered the cineplex miliseconds before the movie started. And this time we made no mistake of buying the popcorn, remember KungFu Panda 2?

The movie starts with Boris the alien criminal escaping the prison, and travels back in time to kill Agent K, who had arrested him back in 1969. This causes a major change of events, allowing Boris' alien race to overrun the Earth. Agent J finds a way to travel back in time to 1969 in order to save Agent K and rectify the tragic consequences of his death.

There are several 1969 cultural references that perhaps would be familiar to the older generation. For us it just provided with some light comedic moments. After the climax, there is a little revelation about Agent J that makes an 'awww' moment for the audience.

It is always a pleasure to watch a Will Smith flick. This one was no exception. The movie was good, but I think our expectations were higher. The time travel story was very similar to the 'Back To The Future' we had back few decades ago. Only thing this one had added an extra ingredient, the aliens. 

The visual effects were nothing to rave about. The aliens in this installment were more in quantity and super extra creepy. What happened to those rugged and rustic aliens from Cybertron, those Transformer dudes, don't they ever use MIB's immigration services? I would surely love to see that!

Enough about the movie. How did the kids fare? Sanju left his seat and sat with his daddy, kinda terrified with the Boris alien (Transformers would have been less creepy), but watched it till the end. And my little Jeev watch a little, watched the people on the row behind us, and slept the rest of the time. It went almost perfect till 5 minutes before the movie when Sanju demanded to go toilet. We told him its ok to pee in the diaper but he still insisted and poor daddy had to miss the ending bit. Overall a success, hoping for similar future movie to bring the kids again.

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