Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Bacon And Onion Bun With The Perfect Dough

I am on cloud nine today afternoon because I have just discovered my perfect bun dough recipe! As you may know I am crazy about Dailydelicious blog, and I have been trying most of the bread recipes there, but never ever I had this experience before.

I had baked the bacon and onion bun previously and it turned out pretty decent for a noob like me. Needless to say they were a hit in the house and did not see more than one break of dawn.

And today I set out to bake the same thing again, using the same recipe from dailydelicious, but this time i intended to make more, as they are a huge hit, and Sanju has been pointing to the Domino's catalogue asking for pizza. So I added the portions slightly a little bit more, and lessened the milk a little bit, because I do usually end up adding more and more flour to get better dough texture while kneading.

This is what I used, and voila! The perfect dough, the perfect sweet and savoury bun, and the perfect munching time ever! I got 8 bacon and onion buns and 4 pizza twist buns.

You need:

300g bread flour
30g sugar
200g milk, warm
a pinch of salt
5g instant yeast
a knob of butter

For filling:
some chopped bacon
some chopped onion and garlic
some mozarella cheese

1) Mix the milk and yeast, stir till yeast dissolves, and set aside for ten minutes.
2) Mix bread flour, sugar and salt. Slowly pour in the milk till the mixture comes together. Start kneading with your hand till its incorporated together in a dough. At this point it should not be sticky. Add a tablespoon (or two) of flour if it is sticky, and work the dough till you get smooth dough. Keep it aside to proof for one hour.

My dough, not an expert smooth but works for me ;)
3) Sautee bacon, and once slightly brown add in the chopped garlic and onion. Fry till lovely brown.
4) Roll the dough out to 30x20cm. Spread the sauteed filling.
Spread sauteed filling
5) Roll the dough towards yourself. Pinch the ends to seal.

The final roll, ok I should have rotated the picture, but whatever
6) Press both ends inwards to compact the roll. Cut into 10 or 12 portions, in case you want smaller rolls.
7) Set the rolls on a buttered baking dish to proof for another 30 minutes.
Second proofing

8) Sprinkle mozzarella cheese on top of it. Bake at 180C for 15-20minutes.

Hubby is gonna love his breakfast box tomorrow!

For the pizza twist buns, I rolled small doughs long, and twist and turn them back into a circle, and press flat with my palm. After the 30 minute proofing, I spread tomato pasta on it, placed some sausage slices, and mozzarella before baking. 

This basic dough would work for many endless varieties and since it contains no egg, it does not leave any smell if you are hand kneading, except the nice aroma of the butter. This formula worked out so well for me. The dough is soft and sweet, and the bacon gives nice burst of flavour on each bite. Hope it works out just perfect for you as well!


Cas said...

Wow this looks absolutely yummy! Kudos to you. I"ve been contemplating making breads as well but I know its alot of work and lots of trial and error. I'm sure the hubby and kids appreciate this treat for bfast.

QarezmaV said...

You shd try. All it needs is a little practice

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