Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tony Roma's Diwali Special

It is not Tony Roma's that is throwing a Diwali special, instead we planned a Diwali special at Tony Roma's. In fact, this was a long pending plan, since last year's Diwali and it was only fair that we make it this time round since we are going to be back in JB for the holidays.

Yeah yeah I know there are a couple of Tony Roma outlets in KL itself, but due to the variety of the menu in the Singapore outlet (read: Pork), hubby and I decided to wait and plan for the ultimate trip to the Suntec City outlet for the full experience. We strategically planned our trip on a weekday to avoid the CIQ hassles and Singapore crowd at Suntec, and yea, we were accompanied by a lamp post - my brother.

It was not difficult to choose what to eat, we just attacked what we went for - Pork Ribs (St Louis Sampler), Baby Back Ribs, and (traditionally) chose a nice starter called the Tony's Sampler to go with it. Even though this was not my first time tasting it, I must say the excitement and the taste felt like a first time, surprised me again with it's tenderness and sauce variety. The usual pork ribs we have at Kampungku Food Center pales in comparison.

Our appetizer, Tony's sampler:

St Louis Sampler:

And once we were done pigging out, we washed it down with the Brownie Sundae, which was just oh-so-heavenly, could we ask more? While the bill arriving later was pretty much throat-cutting, the taste and the ribs were to die for, no issues having our throat cut!

Simply said, it was worth crossing 7 seas (the causeway) to just experience the taste of Tony Roma's world famous ribs! Now we're planning the next trip to Suntec City sooner!


lisa said...

if you love pork should try out el-cerdo at changkat bukit bintang... it's one of my fave restaurant http://www.elcerdokl.com/ and their desserts are heavenly hehe

QarezmaV said...

thx lisa... very tempted to make a trip there soon!

Cas said...

I first tried out Tomy Roma's in the US many years ago and remember the bill being very expensive (after converting la). Totally sucks that the malaysian outlet is pork-free since they are famous for their porks afterall. Guess it was worth the trip for you if the food was real good :)

QarezmaV said...

haha the price published for the SG menu was almost like it is a regular malaysia price.. but anyhows, well worth it

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