Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Changing Hats To Bake Butter Cookies

End of last year walking in and out of the office I always see this mother cat and her little kittens. Most of the time they are cosying up together oblivious to the world around them that is moving so fast. They are either nursing or just sleeping with skin (or rather fur) contact with each other.

This is how a SAHM life is a bliss. No alarm clocks (except the kid's biological wake up shouting alarm). No deadlines. No meetings. No rush. (OK it might a little exaggeration, you do rush like mad when you are a SAHM, rush to get laundry done and folded, rush to cook so can pick the kid from school etc) but hey I am just talking about the greener side). You are free so send the kid to kindy anytime, as long as the school is not closed. But of course if you have an older kid attending preschool, it is a different ball game altogether. My moments were all in the honeymoon period of playschool for fun and socialising. The best and this is not an exaggeration, no traffic to brave, no weird or dangerous drivers to encounter, and no queuing up at toll and petrol stations.

Well of course early days of motherhood was never this dreamy with late sleep-ins. With one toddler, and a love-to-cry newborn, we are mostly greeted with shouts and cries for milk or other discomforts. And since crying is contagious like that, the toddler starts getting disturbed and joins in the (lack of) fun by crying together. 

And time went on, things got better say sometime mid last year and since then we have been having very dreamy and comfy and very the curled-up together kind of sleep till I suddenly get up and realise 'We are late for school!' and start rushing to get the kid ready. Oh yeah, it is all about mad rush.

Back to reality, life as a full time working mother (FTWM) is shifting away from those habits. Whether we like or not, we gotta wake up and get ready for work. Prepare the simplest ever breakfast and stuff yourself before getting the kids packed and ready for school, whether they like it or not. At times they will be whining about going to school, all the way to school, till they reach the school gate and realise the friends are all there, and suddenly both will jump out of the car with no difficulties.

As this post was in the draft, I changed my hat back to SAHM as things did not work out with my project timings. And boy am I relieved at slowing down back to the role as a mother. Only now I realise how much I had my life on fast forward daily. Rushing to do everything to meet the timeline of everything.

Well of course life as  SAHM is not a walk in the park either, but at least now I can properly concentrate on the kids and the home without the stress and missing important moments. I take this as a short break till I decide what I want to do next. I will definitely be back!

In the time being, I am back to doing what I enjoy the most, cooking and baking, yippieee... and kids are also in for a great treat with fun activities that we have planned (or rather unplanned) for us!

Among the first treat for the kids is baking butter cookies, a recent craze among my like-minded facebook group, and although my piping was an epic fail, I managed to give it a nice twist, and Sanju loved it!

And if you want to have these melt-in-your-mouth little fragrant little pills right in your home, here is the recipe!

Salted butter 200g (room temperature) use good grade butter like golden churn or scs or lurpark.

50g icing sugar
150g flour
Corn flour 50g

1) Beat butter and icing sugar until light and fluffy.
2) Sift flour and corn flour and mix into the dough.
3) Put the dough into the piping bags, using flower nozzle pattern on a baking sheet.
4) Heat the oven to 160 degrees and bake for about 15 minutes. (Put the middle, turn on the oven fan)
5) After done, let the cookies cool before storing.
* Temperature and time required to make adjustments based on personal oven while.

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