Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Jumping The Bandwagon

These MyKuali Penang White Curry Noodles have been a recent craze all over the Facebook, and like anything viral, it stays on the feeds never going away, or rather keep popping up again and again. It's either someone asking how/where to buy it, or raving about how good it was, or just commenting 'how overrated'. Regardless of the comments, the curiousity got the best of me.

I usually do not jump into any kind of bandwagons, unless I personally feel inclined for the positive benefits for mankind, or just pleasure to the tastebuds. Especially when it comes to soupy instant noodles with curry gravy. The plain noodles that call out to be glorified in a way no instant noodles have ever been. Yeah baby, yeah!

So I managed to get hold of these noodles, which are totally overpriced by now, but what the heck, I needed my fix!

There is something about glorifying instant noodles that runs in the family, you can ask my dad for the amount of ginger, garlic and bean sprouts that he puts into his. And when everything else fails, hubby and I eat instant noodles with good amount of kimchi, totally rocks!

Pardon the bleak photo, my first attempt at glorifying the Penang white curry noodles turned out this way, with tofu, cherry tomatoes, bakchoy and the usual onion garlic ginger. The picture does not do justice to tell the story of the tastebuds dancing away with the rhythm of the delicacy. We all loved it!

And then it was hubby being left behind in the bandwagon, and thankfully I had saved a packet for him on a rainy day. Come rainy day, I added some extra TLC for his version. The soup is of chicken stock, with dumplings, bean sprout and lettuce. Not forgetting onion. And to thicken the soup I used the age-old trick from hubby's grandma. Once the soup is boiling, break the egg in, turn off the heat and cover. Give a few minutes and open the lid and give it a stir to break the egg yolk, and voila you have a thick egg-y gravy!

As we slurped and ate the noodles, I kept commenting on how overpriced those are. If the makers of these noodles are listening, please do something about the availability and the price of the noodles to ensure every human to practice their right to have freedom over purchasing and eating them, instead of going after bandwagons that cost so much!

I was earlier told that the egg into the gravy does not help the taste, but I would like to politely begging beg to differ. The egg works just so wonderful that you don't know what hit you. Oh wait, I know, Penang white curry noodles! Its such a mouthful to say, and EAT! Maybe I should just become an instant noodle specialist or something.

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