Monday, February 10, 2014

Liberation And Prom Dresses

The moment I decided to quit my job, is a moment of confusion for me. Suddenly I was relieved that I did not have to deal with my job together with my household role as a wife and a mother. No more traffic to endure daily. At the same time I felt upset for having to leave something that I enjoyed doing, and the nice people I met while working. 

It was a disappointing moment when I had to make the decision, and I am most thankful to hubby for helping me go through it. Without his assurance, it would have been just impossible. What now, you may ask? Lets see, as I take a break, I try to find what I want to do. Maybe part time, maybe freelance, maybe nothing at all. I always believe that everything happens for a reason. And when one door closes, another door is waiting for us to open and find the surprise!

At the same time I felt liberated that I could go back to doing those extra things I did at home, learning to cook and bake new things. You cannot imagine how much I missed having my time to get my hands dirty, and later seeing the boys (including the old boy) enjoying my sweat and hard work.

Truth is, ever since I took up the job, I did not have any moment for myself. When I started attending office, I started sending Jeev to the kindy with Sanju, hence I never enjoyed any moment of peace at home without the kids. At the same time I had finally got a car of my mine own, yet I did not have the chance to enjoy the time on my own.

Right now I am like having my cake and eating it. And I do eat a lot. It is liberation of the highest order having the kids attending half day kindy without fail, and enjoying it too. I get to run errands, catch up with some online work (like this) or just bum around on my facebook social life. This also means I will get to catch up with more like-minded friends as well! And hey, all those warehouse sales, Big Bad Wolf and such, I am coming!

And you know what else is liberating? Shopping online for gorgeous dresses! Check out JenJenHouse and get evening dresses for this Valentine's day, or just to celebrate your coming wedding anniversary. And since it is the prom season, you could get a gorgeous prom dresses to flaunt it this year! Little black dresses work for every occasion, or top it with a lovely cardigan for the chic look for work.

It is a shame that just when I had gotten into the mood for shopping for work clothes it did not last long. However holiday dresses never miss the season! This particular LBD is absolutely stunnng and would flatter women of any body type.

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