Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bamboolite Printed AI2 Diapers

Yes, they are here, in my hands. I managed to get it through a group buy with a price tag to die for (about 20% discount) and I can't be more excited. If you did not know already, Bamboolite's spanking new offering is the Bamboolite Printed AI2 diapers.

Whats so great about it? Firstly, is it printed in lovely cute and yummylicious prints, and it is the all-in-two type. This means you can just change the soakers, instead of changing the whole diaper. There are 2 types of soakers, Lite and Premium. As the name goes, Lite is suitable for medium wetters and day use while Premium serves best for heavy wetters and night use. The best thing is that the soakers are designed in such way that once taken apart, it is light and quick drying. Couldn't get enough, I ordered one of each type.

Although I am yet to prep wash and use it on my toddler (I am kinda planning to keep it for now), from the outside, I can see some lovely new features that I love in the new Bamboolite Printed AI2. They are:

  1. Lovely prints (needless to say)
  2. Trimmer crotch (as compared to Bamboolite PUL or older version)
  3. Better soaker designs for fitting and drying
  4. Love the suedecloth topped bamboo soaker as the top soaker, guaranteed super-dryness!


Cas said...

You're totally obsessed with cloth diapers arent you? LOL. Well when's a good age for a baby to start on cloth diaper? Sairah uses nappies at home, she tends to soak me up very often so am wondering if these will be a worthwhile buy for her. I love the black diaper, should get Sanju to model it

QarezmaV said...

Obsessed i am! You can start right when they are NBs in fact! any time is right time... nappies soak up too fast, and u cant keep it on for long. You can get a piece or 2 and try how u like it.

Cas said...

Stupid question, but what if the cloth diaper get wet from too much pee? I know there's a insert inside that you're suppose to wash but what about the outer one? Coz it's rather fluffy isn't it? Well, at least the one I got la. Not sure how fast it will dry. Maybe I'll try it on her soon.

QarezmaV said...

the CD can usually hold pee for 2-3 hours, depending on the heavy/medium wetter. Usually pocket or All In 2 diapers can be separated, as in cover and soaker, so u can separate them, was them, and dry... it dries pretty fast (24hrs under the awning)... minky ones will be fluffy, thats whr is comes cute :)

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