Sunday, March 6, 2011

Dilemma of a CD mama

Sanju has been having mild diarrhea for the past 1 week, and I have resorted to disposable diapers to help with the mess and lighten my burden from the already fussy purging baby. It has been great to be relieved off the laundry duties for a while, since I can just wash his clothes in regular detergent with the rest of the laundry. But I can't help feeling guilty of enjoying the moment (talk about true CD mama at heart, LOL). Everything good comes with a downside though, I noticed that Sanju is developing rashes almost every other day, this is something I never saw with cloth diapers, even with the messiest of the messy poo-ed diapers!

Sanju has been fully cloth diapered for almost 1 year now, with occasional sposies for rainy days (literally), so its been a while that I have been using sposies full time. From my recent exprience, here's my list of pros and cons of using dispos.

1) No laundry to rinse and wash
2) No poo mess to deal with, just throw and use a new one
3) Convenient when travelling with a poo-ing baby
1) $$$ expensive! I have already spent abt RM60 on DD in the past one week, and mind you, I only buy cheaper brands such as Hey Baby & Fitti. I could have bought me (Sanju) a brand new Bamboolite printed diaper and it would be usable! (OK, I did order 2 pieces of the new BL printed dipes, a CD mama can never resist)
2) My waste bin fills up ever so fast with very bad smell (landfills & smell pollution)
3) Rashes on baby's bottoms, isn't the super soaking silica gel in the DD supposed to keep the bums dry?
4) White and light printed DD don't look nice on my gorgeous Sanju's bum-bum, I miss his bright printed dipes, plus laundry folding is so unexciting
The verdict, I don't mind resorting to DD for emergencies times such as diarrhea baby, but CDs are definitely my choice for daily & long term use.


MieVee @ said...

Hope Sanju is well now. We roughed out a recent diarrhoea episode with CDs and disposable liners, cheaper than disposables and gentle on skin.

QarezmaV said...

thx, yeah he is improving and back on CDs (yippie!). I will surely consider disposable liners in the future...

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