Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Smartphone Liberation

After being back to basics with my old Walkman phone, I am liberated, smartphone-wise, yet again. Yes my HTC Wildfire is back from the medical (service) center, and after a software resurrection and upgrade, it is alive and kicking!

I must admit, that I really really missed it. Admittedly, I am not a huge fan of the touchphone part, but I missed my applications and the convenience! At first my keypad walkman phone felt like such a relief with the close-your-eyes-and-type-away kind of thing, but truth is, I missed the greater techie things in life. What I missed, lets see.. I can make a list of it (with due respects to my Walkman phone, it served me well, although even the handphone shop guy commented how 'ancient' it is now):

1) The photos in my SD card, missed admiring Sanju's pics at times of boredom and frustration
2) The Wifi convenience, it is so easy to catch any wifi (at home or outside) and get online to get the little information you suddenly need!
3) My one touch power/silence applications... call me finger-lazy but these come in hand when you have a toddler whining to get sleep and you need your phone to shut-up right away
4) My blogger application, I can type away on the blogger any time anywhere, even boring meetings
5) The camera, that allows me to take photo of every small detail for my blog or FB
6) Handcent SMS application, I like the conversation bubble-like sms display, makes life easier in tracking smses
6) The slimness and the sleekness of the Wildfire

The only bad thing now is that I can't sms while driving, ok so it is a good thing, but hey, I have my games back on track to keep me occupied during the peak hour traffic!

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