Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Fat Momma and Baby Flannel Wipes

I am a fat mama alright. Going into week 15 now and have successfully put on 4-5kgs. The good news is, my baby bump is not showing yet, unless you see me before bedtime all stuffed with nice dinner and cow's milk. The bad news is, I am growing, sideways!

People seeing me daily might be thinking I am putting on weight like no tomorrow. And the person in the next cube must be noticing how super-duper hungry and greedy I am all the time, and I eat like almost all the time. He might be thinking I am just one hungry woman. Truth is I am not hungry (yeah rite), but just want to make sure I dont starve myself, and my little one in me. I could do with skipping whole meal those days, now even 2 hours before some snack is impossible.

Whatever it is, I guess I am going to have my own gala time eating while it lasts, but this weight better better come off once it is all over, otherwise... I will miss all my clothes!

Speaking of gala time, it is yet another happy time for shopping. I kicked off the newborn shopping with a recent WAHM-made baby flannel cloth wipes. I got them from Maybel's Closet, she even does pretty diapers! They come in very cute colours and prints. I can see Sanju getting jealous already, but hey, big brother will get to share the new wipes with his baby sibling later.
Picture from Maybel's Closet blog shop.


Cas said...

Fat mama? Dont think so, more like hot mama la :) Anyway enjoy eating away, that's the only time it will be guilt-free, whatever the baby craves, you just eat :)

QarezmaV said...

well said... but sometimes i wonder if its real crave or just an excuse to let out my inner monster... anyhows its feast time

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