Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Elcerdo's KL - Romantic Lunch For 3

This was a very historical and important day for us indeed. It was the eve of our 2nd wedding anniversary, and also the day Sanju's first signs of being the Obnoxious-One. We had been planning for a trip to Elcerdo's in KL for a while after Lisa's very tempting suggestion for their dishes.

Hubby was all excited to get porked up, and the fact that this was our 2nd wedding anniversay, that too with Sanju in tow, added to the excitement. We made bookings on the eve of Valentine's Day for a romantic lunch for 3. Thats right, when you have kids, you tend to arrange romantic meals differently. Looking at the bright side, most of these restaurants offer free meals for kids, so I don't have to pack like we are going for a picnic trip.

For appetizers (as if we needed to be any more appetized), we had the Spanish Ham Platter, that came with yellow and green buah-kana like fruits, which on one bite turned out to be olives, absolute yum! The hams went well with the bread basket that came before the meals... yeah, we eat our food the Indian way, bread (capati) and veggies/meat LOL!

We decided to pass the suckling pig, as there were just the 2 of us eating, and the 3rd was gonna be a huge distraction. Sure enough, Sanju started his menacing ways. He was just about to learn walking, and loved holding our finger to walk, and so he decided papa was going to give him a tour of the restaurant!

Back to food, our main dishes were German Mini Sausages and Smoked ribs. The ribs were just too fine, I wished we had a bottomless plate of that, seriously!

For a quick end to the (romantic) meal, we had a quick taste of the Andreas Special "A Dream In Chocolate". Hubby the chocoholic, was not impressed, mainly due to Sanju's tantrums, but heck, I loved it all the way.
I must also add that the waiters there were very pleasant in helping us to provide toys and other distractions for Sanju, but when you are 1, you are just uncontrollable. I bet my mom would say the same about me if I asked her.

On the downside, we felt the food portion was rather small, this is coming from the people who whack 3 huge dishes at american diners, and hey, the nice waitresses could have at least offered to babysit my Obnoxious-1, ok just kidding.


Nava.K said...

Look yummy and making me hungry now.

kumfye said...

cool meal...happy anniversary...cheers

thefye.com stay tune to tme

QarezmaV said...

Nava - yummy indeed ;)

kum - thanks :)

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