Monday, March 14, 2011

Little Doodlez Pants

I love giveaways, especially if the giveaway is giving away cloth diapers. This time it was a photo contest giveaway organized by Cloth Diaper Malaysia and Tini of Little Doodlez on Facebook, giving away Little Doodlez pants.

It is slightly different from the conventional cloth diapers. It is a pull up CD. Very suitable for the very active toddler to refuses to get on his back for diaper change. As the name goes, you can just pull up the CD onto your toddler. Plus it can also be used as training pants, during potty training. Love the dual coloured diaper body and elastics, my suggestion is for them to come up with printed dipes, I am sure CD mothers like me will be running over each other to get one for our toddlers!

Apart from running away from diaper changes, this toddler even runs away from the camera, or at least refuses to stay still for the camera. Here's a photo of him in his prized Little Doodlez while he was sleeping.

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