Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Memorable Monday

It was our regular Monday. Got up at 6am, got ready and sent Sanju to the babysitter on time. Went to work late (as usual), but with one difference. There was an underlying evil plan.

My better half was eagerly anxious to get the tickets to Endhiran (review in my earlier post), and although we planned to go for the afternoon show on a Monday, he still was so concerned it might be sold out... yea yea I know the Rajini power, but how many people (other than us) will be crazy enough to take leave on a Monday just to watch a movie? Ok not exactly take leave just for the movie but we both made our schedules work for this evil plan.

We were rushing so much that for the first time in our lives put together, we actually forgot to check out which level is our car parked at, and we are talking Sunway Pyramid here... anyways we decided we'll figure it out later, we'll go to each floor if we had to!

Somehow hubby spotted the sign for Bubba Gump out of nowhere, and this is one western food place that he's been eyeing to try ever since I raved about it after reading it on a friend's blog. So this time there was going to be no escape, we are going to stuff and feast ourselves with shrimp, cholestrol and diet plans can just go fly kites! And a feast is what we had, after we got the tickets to Endhiran of course (otherwise hubby would lose appetite altogether).

We decided to go for the Chilli's Triple Play equivalent, Run Across America Sampler, and the waiter looked at us and suggested it might be more suitable for 3 or 4 people, well he doesn't know our capacity. And to satisfy the my burger-junkie half, we got the Sweet Home Burger, and yeah, for the chocoholic, that Chocolate Thing and the rest is history.

The sampler plate was so yummy, and I was worried too much of shrimp might put me off, but heck, I was like 'bring it on'! Then the burger was heavenly, tasted so good and yet healthy (with the mayonaise, yeah rite), and had addictive fries (I am craving for it right this moment).

OK so I am not good in taking pictures before eating, with the confusion in my brain cells induced by hunger, but I managed to snap That Chocolate Thing. Oh yeah, which by the way, is heavenly, literally! The whipped cream on top, ice cream, and rich chocolate brownie at the bottom. Every bite comes with melting chocolate pieces (chips maybe?) and gosh, it even beat the Haagen Daaz chocolate fondue we had for Father's Day. Maybe we need to revisit the fondue to re-confirm this!

And oh, movie later was awesome, and we managed to find the car, thanks to hubby!


roziwong said...

Thank you so much for your lovely comments about Bubba Gump! I am glad you had a lovely experience at our Sunway outlet.

Do come and visit us again! You can reach me 03-5638 4559 (sunway) or 03-7710 9862 (curve)

Best regards,
Rozi Wong
Sales & Marketing Manager
Bubba Gump Shrimp Co Malaysia

QarezmaV said...

My pleasure Rozi! Definitely plan to visit again.. cant wait to try the other dishes!

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