Friday, May 4, 2012

Only In India

I am sure you would have received tonnes of forward emails with the above title. Most often than not, those pictures doctored to contain funny signboards or roadsigns. In this blog post, while battling flu with vaporizers, I have some real stuff to share with you. Pictures that truly depict things you can see only in India, courtesy of my dad who recently went to Uttar Pradesh, India, to fulfill family duties.

During each of my dad's trip to india, I am always looking forward to his emails on his experience and accounts of his stay, apart from the yummy sweets (at times flavor infused) and pretty clothes that my parents buy back for us. And this time round, he decided to let his pictures do the talking. His stay was mainly at  Purvanchal, which comprises the eastern end of Uttar Pradesh state.

As you may know by now, my dad has a unique sense of observation and humour, coupled with his handphone camera, he managed to capture some real 'Indian' moments in the true sense. Captions are in his genuine form of humour. Enjoy! Only in India...

You see a handphone savvy peasant mother

A school van (in hindi) doesnt resemble one

You see such an open air mpv

Buffaloes come first

Can a bus driver conduct household chores while driving

Can you do a threesome for 10km on a bike without helmets

Can you drive thru a shaky bridge made of drums without wetting your pants
Traffic stand still in the real sense of the word

Flogging an almost dead horse for extra horsepower

Might has the right of way - biker shoved to side in face off with oncoming bus

Booking a table means just that, note the absence of chairs

Monkeys reign supreme - inset mother monkey and baby monkey

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