Saturday, May 26, 2012

Addicted To Food

The title should really be titled 'Addicted To Food Channels' but I think it sounds a lot more exciting this way. Yes, I am confessing that I am addicted to food channels. I've been spending my afternoons drooling over the team of chefs cooking and baking away on AFC and TLC channels while the kids nap away.

The beauty of the cooking show these days are the clever sound sync of every vibration of the ingredient molecules, which is the splash of the stock or even just water, the crisp of a vegetable and the sizzle of the meat chop, the works! These shows are more like designer cooking shows with designer chefs making the food look good as good as they taste. They make something effortless look so grand and something complicated look so simple. All the foodie creations look so delicious that it gives me the satisfaction of indulging myself, minus the calories. How cool is that?! I seriously do not afford to have any extra gram on my already up-sized post baby body. Speaking of addiction, ask Tim sykes if you are addicted to Facebook.

With the Astro Beyond that we got fixed last week, visual food indulgence is on a whole new level on the Food Network Asia. They even have Racheal Ray's show! After watching good, delicious, yummy and juicy food in High Definition, it makes me not want to change the channel at all.

I don't just feel satisfied with the visual indulgence, I get tonnes of ideas that I can incorporate in my daily cooking. Now that Jeev is very much crawling and exploring all over the house, I have my time everyday to cook for the 3 of us and I am proud to say that I am coming up with snazzy menus daily, thanks to my food channel indulgence. 

On top of everything, there is also Sex And The City series, on freaking HD on the beTV, thats definitely a bonus! How I miss Carrie Bradshaw! I recently watched the Sex And The City 2 movie and felt it was not on par as the first one. Although it filled all the chic fashion and style quotient, there could have been better story content, or I guess there is no such way to receive that balance. I did however identify with the part on marriage and life after kids. Secretly I felt glad (and perhaps relieved?) that the characters have grown up with me, from singlehood to marriage and to parenthood.

How life has evolved from fashion and massive retail joys to simple motherhood and cooking joys. And glad to know I am not the only one. Millions of mothers across the globe experienced the same evolution!

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