Monday, May 28, 2012

Beating The Monday Blues

Who says SAHMs (Stay At Home Mother) do not face Monday blues? Monday blues is a global phenomena that hits people of all walks of life, even Garfield is affected by it! No matter what, Monday blues is not fun, and the toddler is the one most upset by it.

What is so wrong about Mondays? After an eventful weekend of activities, the quietness of Monday usually feels so lonely and depressing. On weekends our schedule is packed with our family time, outings, shopping (even the early morning grocery shopping is a boon), visits by our families and relatives and other unexpected plans or drives.

Weekends means having hubby at home for me and the kids. My personal way of celebrating it is making some special breakfast whenever I can get the chance. We get to wake up late (thank god the kids love sleeping late as well) and take our time in getting on with the day. The rest of the weekend is spent chatting, playing, and catching up with chores for both hubby and I.

Visits by our family means Sanju gets playmates he loves to be with, and will be fully occupied playing and creating all sorts of new mischief unknown to us. With all the excitement, Sanju gets into this special weekend diet that he hardly eats, only takes in various forms of liquids, be it milk, milo or any fruit juice. In rare occasions he would take a bite or two from our plates.

As for me, I am free to drive out to the nearby 99Speedmart for the smallest reasons without thinking twice, as I have got hubby willing to babysit the kids. I also get to choose the take-out or eat-out menu as I don't cook on most weekends.

The first hour of Monday itself feels so gloomy because the kids wake up when daddy has already gone to work, and we get back to our usual slow weekday routine with just the 3 of us. By now I am back in full force making sure Sanju takes all his meals in. And again, sadly for Sanju, I am his only playmate, with the occasional involvement of Jeev which ends with Sanju accidentally being rough with him, and some crying and pacifying later on.

What keeps me going? The kids' and their antiques, every single day is a new day and unpredictable, so I tackle it as it comes. This keeps me going through the boring Monday, and prepare to take on the next few days the same way. By the time Friday is here, I literally shout TGIF when I wake up, and look forward to the weekend again. Happy Monday all!!

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