Saturday, May 19, 2012

Boys Will Be Boys

Being the mother of 2 boys is like a Bollywood action movie experience. There is a lot of action, drama and plenty of song involved in my daily life.

Action is when the brothers pull stunts with each other, either the toddler pretending to wrestle or the baby in full exploring mode, crawling all over. Both of this usually ends with a light fall, after which comes the drama of crying and pretending like it hurt a lot. 

At most times, big brother Sanju is trying to play wrestling with baby brother Jeev. His gestures are sometimes a little bit rough and usually ends up as below situation.  

When baby Jeev is not playing, Sanju tortures his toys instead. Sanju has inherited several action figurines from my brother, who was only excited pass it down for another boy to enjoy them. Remember Sanju bringing the Mickey house down? Well this time, he has been so rough with the toy that he broke Ninja Turtle Leonardo's hand. It was such a classic moment that a figurine kept safely for more than 20 years is now disarmed! (Pavers not included)

The brothers also enjoy taking rides together in their numerous tricycles and push cars, and these moments only remind me of the famous friendship song from the famous movie Sholay:

Here is my version of Veeru and Jay:


Their studio photo shoot was coincidentally taken in the same ride theme, months before we shaved Jeev's head:

And after a long tiring day riding, wrestling and creating drama, the brothers would nap together in peace. The happy ending of a Bollywood movie lasts just as long as their nap, and after which it starts all over again.

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