Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Cinnamon Rolls

I do not remember when exactly I developed my love for cinnamon rolls. In fact for a large part of my life I never knew the usage of cinnamon can be for sweet dishes as well.

I used to drool over the recipe on the website, and being not confident in kneading and using yeast, I wondered if I could try it without yeast. After reading up more on yeast, it then occurred to me the vital role of yeast in rising the dough. 

When I got my oven in the new house, I was determined to get my hands dirty (literally) baking buns, cinnamon in particular. And I have been baking ever since.

I baked once for Diwali, as you have read here, and it turned out beautifully delicious. Then being so confident I made it again for Christmas for my friend's birthday. but the yeast dudes cheated me and did not rise, so much for second time confidence. And in between I tried few other buns, and suddenly last week it occurred to me to try the cinnamon buns again.

I was cautious to treat my yeasts better this time. And kept fingers, toes and kitchen utensils crossed, and what do you know?! Here it is:

Recipe, recipe, yes I hear you... My favourite baking blog's recipe for Mini Cinnamon Bites. Follow the exact recipe as it is, and you can always omit the icing on top because the buns are already sweet and moist, unless you want a sugar shock for yourself.

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