Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Accidentally On Purpose

Sometime last week, a quiet afternoon rendezvous to Mr DIY prompted the sweet mother in me to indulge my kids with some face paint. Ok, honestly, I was put on the hotseat by Sanju who wanted to buy stationary set he already had (hundreds of). And I did not want to buy sub-standard quality toys either, and something caught my eye. 'Look face paint! We could paint you and Jeev to look like the Avengers!'. The rest is history.

The packet looked harmless, and the boys are hardly into putting things into their mouth.

Came home and I got quite busy with my usual routines, and the boys wanted to face paint, and I thought, it couldn't be so bad. They could also practice some artistic skills while at it. I briefly looked over the manual and saw the words 'washing with suds'. I was like whatever, go ahead, paint your faces red!

Minutes later I saw Sanju painting Jeev's face green. I went 'aww' for a second thinking elder brother has taken responsibility to get his brother done into Hulk.

By the way the photo so happens to catch such a surprised face of Jeev's. Otherwise he was having a ball. Don't believe me? Look here.

Then they went on, saying the body needed to be green too. And that is when I secretly started wishing the paint does come off easily.

And it did not stop there. While I was putting my artistic skills onto Sanju's face to make him Ironman, Jeev continued to paint his hands and legs, claiming he can't be Hulk without all that green.

So while I did this:

Jeev came to me with this:

By now the floor started to take after Hulk's colour and it was not easy to wipe. And that is when I decided fine, fun-time is over. All into the bathroom. Then I started to wash. And I realised the paint was oil based, because it started clumping, no where leaving the skin of my kids. 

I panicked. I quickly took the manual out again, and I went 'WHAT DO YOU MEAN OIL?' GOSH how could I have not noticed the bad bad English. When I finally clammed down, I read the badly written manual word by word. Ok so now you tell me to wipe paint with paper then washing with suds?!

I quickly devised a plan B from my years of make up removal experiences. Wiped them dry, and used coconut oil all over their body, and it slowly started to come off. Washed them with soap yet again, and it was slightly still there. I was horrified of the thought that Jeev might spend the weekend with green temples and tummy and hands!! Plus the kids were in the shower so long, they were already down with cold, and I could not afford to make it worse.

Then off I went to grab a bottle of lotion. After drying them down, I lathered generous amount of baby lotion all over them and wiped of with dark coloured towel. Oh, the bliss of seeing my kids in their original skin tone.

In a way I was furious with the kids for overdoing it, then I also got furious with myself for overlooking the manual. It really was not their fault because I allowed them with it. Once done, it was a funny incident on the whole that I laughed off with my sisters and mother the next day. 

Lesson of the day: Always always read the manual no matter how busy you are!

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