Thursday, April 9, 2015

Salmon Pie Recipe

It has been a while since I experimented something new, well if you don't include the bread/buns, of course! I have been stuck in routine of making similar rice & curry/stew dishes because the kids dig rice. And there is nothing better than seeing them enjoy their dinner of rice after school every day.

Back to trying something new, it always happens in the spur of the moment that I get triggered to try a new dish, and then off I go rummaging for the ingredients. It is a bonus if I find them right in the pantry, and if I don't, I have to plan a trip to the store which means I would have to plan the dish for another time.

Which is why its always fun to be able to make something new with the ingredients readily available at home. 

I have been following the blog Table for 2, and been tempted to make salmon pie. However, it is always a turn off when I see the recipe calling for whipping cream. Which not just means an extra trip to the store, also possibly unused leftover in the fridge later on, and not to mention it costs so much. 

So I gave a try using my regular UHT full cream Dutch Lady milk, and guess what, it worked! However the steps in the blog seemed a little bit elaborate. My lazy-self prefers to just use one pan, do the sautee, roux and creaming all in the same pan. I even cook the salmon in the same pan before doing the sautee, all the more flavour. Minimal mess, minimal clean up. And it sure is a blessing when you are your own cleaner/cook.

Also to make it a one dish meal I added in some boiled potatoes for extra nutrition and quantity.

So here goes, the recipe.

You need:
500gm salmon, marinated with salt and black pepper
leek, chopped
garlic, chopped
mushroon, chopped
spring onion, chopped
potatoes, diced
cooking oil
1tbsp butter, some extra for brushing
1tbsp flour
1.5 cup UHT milk
1 piece of frozen prata
1) Boil the potatoes in a pot full of water, for 15 to 20 minutes. Once done set aside.
2) Heat the pan with little cooking oil, and slowly place the salmon pieces and sear on both sides. Pour in about half cup of water, and cover the pan to let it cook at low heat. Keep turning the pieces every 3 mins to cook evenly. Cook for 10-15 minutes.
3) Take out the salmon, and flake it, carefully take out every bone. Save the water for later.
4) Sautee the leek and garlic in cooking oil, for 5-10 minutes. Add the mushroom and cook some more.
5) Add the butter and once melted add in the flour, and keep stirring to create the roux.
6) Then you can add in the balance water (from salmon) and milk. Keep stirring while it cooks.
7) Add in the potatoes and keep stirring.
8) You will see the mixture to turn really creamy. You can add in the salmon, and season with salt and black pepper according to taste.
9) Once done pour into baking dishes. Sprinkle some spring onion. Cover with frozen prata and give a little brushing with butter.
10) Bake in preheated oven for 15-20 minutes at 160C.

Mine turned a little brown because I left it in the oven to keep warm for hubby and we got dark brown crust. Oh well, it still tasted just as good!

Try it, easy peasy one dish meal!

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