Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Little Artist

The boys have picked up a new hobby, cultivating a new talent. Aside from collection little lego man, they have started drawing them! Sanju, in particular, has an eye for detail, and he remembers the unique feature from each character and puts them on paper.

Here's presenting Spongebob & Patrick. A while later Sanju even drew Squidward, but I did not catch a snap of it.

Here is the family heirloom workbook from late 90s that Sanju inherited from my sister, proudly wrote his name over it. This book has now been honoured to house doodles by Sanju.

Can you guess this? This guy's hands and head are on fire, and his bike too, is on fire.

Yes, it is the Ghostrider. And this is the antagonist of the Ghostrider, notice the gothic kohl-eyed look?

This is the black Spiderman from the third sequel.

And here is the octopus-look-alike villain from the Spiderman movie. Notice the goggled eyes?

 Here is Green Lantern, but don't ask me about the hair.
*Note: I showed this post to Sanju and he corrected me. This guy is actually Loki, hence the fancy illustrations on the head.

Wolverine is next, check out the wolf-like ear details, and the claws, man!

And the Incredible Hulk!

The blond Thor, and his hammer, and check out the packs.

And this one is no brainer, Ironman!

And here is Captain America, with some sort of antenna.

While Sanju draw all kinds of superheroes, Jeev is in his own world writing random word he learns everyday. And he gets very intense in it too.

And proudly writes the title of the movie, PK.

While the kids are at it drawing and coloring, mummy has to be on her feet every time cleaning the mess, especially from vigorous erasing that I had to procure workhorse heavy-duty minimal mess erasers. Happy kids make mummy happy.

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