Sunday, April 12, 2015

Burger-cum-Meatballs Recipe - Killing Two Birds With One Stone

Ever since being a working mother, I always find ways to maximize my output in the kitchen. I try to cook or at least prep for multiple dishes in one kitchen session. With 3 kids to take care of (yes, hubby included), I do get some limited amount of time or even energy to spend cooking/baking.

Homemade burgers are an excellent weekend food, as you have the kids at home, wanting to eat something different (compared to the weekday routine). Also burgers give you plenty of space in spiking the food with veggie & herb goodness, and your audience won't know what hit them.

So when I announced to the boys 'Amma is going to make burgers for dinner tonight', I told myself 'lets prepare some extra meatballs for some meatball curry for the weekday'. And do I did.

Here is me sharing how to make the most out of burgers, as far as cheating them with goodness, of course!

You Need:
some minced meat - I used pork + chicken
some mixed dried herbs
half cup of instant oats
3 tbsp of tomato pasta sauce
onion, garlic, spring onion - chopped
carrot - grated
worchester sauce
1 egg
salt & pepper

Mix 'em all, and let it chill for 30 minutes or so. Shape your burgers or meatballs accordingly. Pan fry in little oil until done.

My excuse for the shoddy burger tops? Rustic look ala Jamie Oliver!

Sanju and hubby enjoyed meaty burger goodness, while I had to give the vegetarian kid burger buns filled with Japanese mayonnaise and mashed potatoes, whatever rocks their boat!

As for the meatballs I just made some creamy curry and let them soak in it before serving. For the coming weekday that is!

At the same time I also made some yummy soup. Boiled chicken carcass for 2 hours while prepping for the burger & making them. Took out the carcass and added my desired vegetables and seasoned with miso, kimchi & tom yum soup, my reward for myself.

Not in picture is mashed potatoes. Simply boiled and mashed with some cheese, milk & salt/pepper. I had my plate full, literally.

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