Thursday, April 30, 2015

Family Time @ Juicy Grill & Bar

Remember the dating parents who go out for nice sinful food, leaving the kids home with their grandparents? It is sometimes hard to bring the kids dining out at places they are not familiar with. It's either a certain venue is not suitable for kids, or the kids are not crazy about the menu.

Juicy Grill & Bar has been in Bandar Bukit Tinggi for more than a year now. We did visit them a while ago, we had some western dishes which were really good. Not to mention friendly staff and prompt service. But one thing that caught our eyes was the pork knuckle in the menu, which we found out, had to be booked 2 days in advance.

On one fine Saturday when we were pressed for energy, but needed some fun/time/dine out with the kids, we wanted to try the pork knuckle. At 5.30pm I called them up asking if we could get the pork knuckle at 7pm and as luck had it, it was available!

We were so excited that we left home at 6.30pm itself. We tried to drive the slowest possible, walk up the stairs the longest possible, so that we wouldn't reach there too early. But, we did.

The kids were so excited (more than hungry) that they were acting like hooligans banging the table and looking like predators, somehow we caught the best we-fie of our lives.

Once the pork knuckle arrived. We went crazy. And so did Sanju. Suddenly he turned out to be this huge pork knuckle fan! While it was a lovely moment seeing him enjoy our favourite food, and it felt a tad bit sad knowing our portion became smaller. Note to self: Order 2 sets next visit!
See their happy-shappy faces once the food arrived!

A closer look at the pork knuckle.

Thankfully the place was relatively empty, so the kids had ample of space to play once they were done eating, leaving us parents to continue on our happy hours. Pure bliss! Except the fact that the restaurant had ceiling to floor windows overlooking a funfair opposite the building. The kids kept asking to go there, to which we had to make numerous excuses such as 'it is under maintenance', 'no one is playing', 'oh, that dude is a worker there', 'you don't see any kids, do you?' (secretly hoping they don't look further!

It was definitely a good experience and a wholesome dinner having pork knuckle in Klang. That is the good thing about eating out in Klang, it never fails to surprise you!

For now it definitely appears in our top list of best pork knuckles ever, the best being from Bier Haus in JB. If a picture is worth a thousand words, this picture is worth a million words after tickling and appeasing thousand taste buds. *swooning* I think we need a trip there soon!

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