Monday, January 31, 2011

Loving Old Fashioned Way

I am now taking a break from my HTC Wildfire touch phone, and embraced back my good old Sony Ericsson W850i from the walkman series. My HTC has not been amusing recently with some frequent hang up and reboot issues, plus I am not getting the latest Froyo update yet. Decided to get it admitted for special care at the service center, while it is under warranty.

Once I turned the W850i power on from herbination, I realised how wonderful it is to once again have an actual keypad back! I can now type sms and make calls without looking at the keypad while multitasking (driving and all). This is something that I could never do with the touch phone.

And why is the touch revolution good again? I guess it is just the sleek look and the whole touch feature where you can drag and drop and do all kinds of wonders with just the tip of your fingers. Blame the iphone craze!

What I miss in my touchphone?
  • The one touch power & application buttons - Did not have to navigate through the whole menu just to find calendar or something
  • The Handcent SMS application

What I don't miss in my touchphone?
  • The wi-fi - Didn't know this was possible, but I don't mind not having it now
  • Touch screen keypad
  • Flat bulkiness - The W850i fits my pocket perfectly
While the Wildfire is away, the Walkman will play!

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