Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Cinnamon Swirl Muffins - A Twist To The Usual Pancakes

I have this habit of modifying and recreating something to give it a little twist and come out with a slightly new packaging or outlook. Old wine in a new bottle, you say? Exactly!

Pancake is something that we all make for our families. Once in one of the 30 minutes cooking shows I saw Jamie Oliver making pancakes in the muffin tray for dinner, something called yorkshire pudding, and I saw the light bulb flicker on!

I am this cinnamon+brown sugar enthusiast, as I type this, I just finished licking the last of my cinnamon stix from Auntie Anne's. Yes I am that crazy. And looking at some cinnamon swirl recipes online, I got the idea for a quick pancake revamp!

So I just took the pancake premix flour, prepared it according to the instruction. Next I prepared the cinnamon swirl of 1tsp cinnamon powder, 4 tsp brown sugar and 3 tsp butter. Just mix all of these together, and you have your cinnamon swirl. Carefully pour the cinnamon swirl mixture into the batter, and fold it slowly, not to mix it thoroughly. Pour the batter into buttered muffin tray. Pour up to 2/3 cup only. And bake at 180C for 15-20 minutes. You know it is done once you see the lovely brown colour!

I eat these muffins with some honey. The kids can munch on them on its own. Else you can also make a honey lemon glaze and glaze them while still warm so that it gets infused in.

I have also tried this with a chocolate swirl preparation, of cooking chocolate and milk. In this case you leave the chocolate mixture separate. Pour in the batter and chocolate layer by layer to get the swirl. It works just as good. Happy trying!

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