Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Just The Three of Us

Last weekend we set out for a quick date night leaving kids behind, for a quick trip to window shop and eat in Setia City Mall. The mall is so huge and cool that we never get to really check it out whenever we go there.

While on the way being so excited, we got a shock to find out that the road has been totally closed to vehicles due to an overturned lorry, and we were forced to turn back for an alternative route. We started joking that even fate does not want us to be away from the kids. As we drove, we noticed the amount of cars on the trunk road, acknowledging the fact that its the last weekend of school holidays, many people would be out and about with their families.

Suddenly I had a spontaneous idea to just continue driving and have like a mini road trip for the four hours that we were granted away from the kids. Such spontaneous decisions are never possible with the kids around because we are always worried about the comfort and stuff.

Driving and driving along the trunk road to Kuala Selangor we saw some signboards for Cendol Bakar Kg Assam Jawa. We are this huge cendol lovers, and seeing the amount of cars flocking around the area made us wonder if its that good.

The best part, this local cendol joint even has a drive-thru! How cool is that?! Indeed very cool cendol drinks on a hot day, all in the comfort of our own car!

After rummaging for some loose change in the car to pay for the cendol (we urbanites were counting on the mall to withdraw money, so had minimal cash on us, seesh) we savoured our sweet drink. Very nice, and comparable to our local Klang cendol, yeah nothing beats Klang at that!

And in case you are not in the mood for just cendol drinks, you can even get Nasi Ayam Dara (Virgin Chicken Rice). I wonder if that makes any difference. For the record, we only bought a cup of cendol VVIP as we needed to keep space in our tummy for dinner.

I was so in the mood for tom yam so we drove and drove till Kuala Selangor, and after driving around we settled in for a steamboat restaurant, so that I can have my tom yam soup! Simple yet filling, and very spicy. My threshold for spicy tom yam exceeds my expectation. However hubby tries to keep up and I allow him to cheat by mixing tom yam soup with the regular soup. Things we do for love.

Just the three of us, hubby, I and food! The must have item on all our outings and memorable times. There is nothing better than sharing a great time chatting and laughing over great tasting food with the most special company.

Yea so this time I did not want to show the end product of our dinner (ie licked-clean plates after dinner). And afterwards, while I let out my burps of fire infused with a lot of raw garlic, we drove up to the Bukit Melawati lighthouse. Which by the way was pretty deserted and felt unsafe, so we left fast.

A simple night out, made memorable with a short road trip, away from any kinds of crowd and noise in the mall. Somehow it worked better for us, because making spontaneous decisions and trips is something that we really missed doing every since we started the little family of our own. Even the steamboat dinner is something that we cannot do with the kids, because of the nature of letting the soup boil right on our table is very risky with kids. Never thought such life's simple pleasures could feel so good!

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