Monday, April 8, 2013

Red Velvet Swirl Brownie from Sunny Anderson's Recipe

Of all the food network shows, Sunny Anderson's Cooking For Real has got to be my most favourite. Her cooking and baking style is so youthful yet sticks to classic aspects of her dishes. And it also helps that her shows come on at 3.30pm, right when the kids nap, and I can watch the show in peace with my cuppa hot ginger tea.

It is the time of the year again where hubby grows a year older, and to celebrate (older and wiser him) I was gonna bake him a surprise Red Velvet Swirl Brownie Sunny Anderson style! There is something so mystic about red velvet cakes. Despite having cocoa powder as ingredient, the taste somehow turns 180 degrees when you savour it in its bright red colour. Plus the cream cheese layer of it is so amazing!

Although it was meant to be a surprise, hubby somehow happened to be home when I was slogging hard baking it. Therefore this time I had a helper, not my usual house elves, but the master of the house itself. He helped me to beat the cream cheese layer so smooth. And later helped me to swirl the whole mixture so well and even got a nice heart shape design on it.

Somehow the top part browned a little too much. I followed the baking instructions but when checked with skewer it seemed like its not fully done, hence I baked it more and more till this happened. Note the number of holes my skewer test left.

How did my first ever red velvet cake turn out? Taste wise, easily the best red velvet ever! Hey, I may be biased, but why not, since I have my sweat and hardwork as the main ingredients. The colour is not as bright as I would want it to be, and it could have swirled more (hint hint!!). 


I am not so much of a cake baking person, especially when I have not baked much from scratch before. However, I dare say I am catching up now. Looking to try a different recipe next!


Cas said...

Ah so this is the recipe you mentioned. I love the heart shape design and this looks like a must try.

QarezmaV said...

It finished so fast that I am still dreaming abour eating it. Rv rocks!

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