Monday, April 8, 2013

Mini Quiche Recipe

Quiche is one of our favourite quick and rich bake for dinner. I had never eaten quiche before when I saw Anna Olsen making it on AFC. Needless to say the mere look of it shouts 'eat me'! And the rest is history.

After googling for the easiest possible recipe I managed to recreate my own here as on my old blog post. I have always used my own short cut, that is the ready made prata for the base. And recently as I discovered the magical world of frozen puff pastry, life is not the same anymore.

On the quest to provide bite sized snacks and also something to pack for hubby's breakfast for the next day, I got inspired to make mini quiche using the muffin tray. 

This is before I discovered the proper way of cutting the puff pastry to fit the muffin tray. Therefore I kind of did a shoddy job in cutting the pastry in (ugly) squares and fitting them into the tray.

This is really simple and fast to prepare. Firstly sautee bacon till golden, add chopped onion n mushroom n sautee till done. Set aside. For the custard batter, mix 1.5 cup of milk with two eggs. Add salt n black pepper n mix. Set the pastry squares (or circles if you can make them) on the muffin tin. Put the sauteed filling on the base of the pastry cups. Pour the milk mixture over till 80% of the cup. Sprinkle grated cheese oven n bake at 180C for 20-25mins.

This recipe yields 12 mini bites. However I gotta warn you. They finish fast!

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