Monday, April 29, 2013

The Iron Fever

The Ironman 3 fever has been on full blow. Since like months that we started seeing trailers at cineplexes. Thanks to our recent cineplex trips with the kids, every time the trailer started with the Paramount Pictures credits they will start exclaiming 'Air-man, Air-man!' - which translates to 'Ironman'.

The excitement for this new installation for the Ironman series has been mostly on our side, the hubby and I. The thing we were most eager to see was not the new Mark 42 suit, but the reaction of the kids to their favourite superhero's appearance on the big, big screen. All this while the kids spent their spare time watching the first two movies of the series, and it goes without saying how much they love the movie, especially the suit up sequences.

Pre-movie build-up was pretty good. The kids had their Ironman 3 mask and hand-gadget thingy ready. Which by the way we did not bring along for the movie, in effort not to freak any other patrons out.

The Ironman 3 fever was so intense that even my little sister gave it a go by suiting up!


For a change I am not gonna write a review for this movie, because, for a change, I hardly watched it. We were busy making sure kids were comfortable, eating their snacks, and not getting restless. Which by the way is inevitable. For the record, I never really watched the other Ironman movies either because while the kids enjoy, it is always my time to catch up with chores.

Ironman 3 has a more intense storyline that is not that appealing to kids of most ages. I say this because I saw several other kids walking up and down the steps or hanging around the top most floor playing, instead of watching the movie. Hubby and I too were having our own mini entertain-the-kids-other-way session halfway through the climax till the ending. We ended up sitting on the carpet floor, watching the kids instead of the movie.

In this movie you will see more of Robert Downey Jr instead of the CGI Ironman, which is probably a good thing for the actor. Also you see all other the other suits (or rather Marks?) coming out to fight, through a remote access by Tony. Cool stuff, definitely, and I am sure everyone will love the new suit-up sequence!

After being not so entertained with 'Air-man 3' the kids got entertained with some arcade games. Works all the time! And hey, we were not the only ones bringing kids in superhero themed tshirts, most kids in the cineplex were either in Superman or Batman tshirts!

In an another adventure, the kids were being entertained at a kids' play center, and guess what Sanju got? Every child's dream, the never ending slide! All he had to do was push the smaller slide towards the larger one, and he could slide up side down, climb up or do other unimaginable stuff. You know the saying, 'you can take the baby out of the boy, but not take the boy out of the baby'!

And the unexpected good boy was playing something quiet, for a change.

After he posed at the electrical shop.

All in a day's work, the kids get to unwind by savouring their juicy milky milk in their bottle.

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