Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Get Mexican At The Shepherdoo

In our recent foodie adventure we had Mexican food here in Klang. Mexican Food right in the heart of Klang? Yes, I even I had to rub my eyes a few times!

We had read and planned for The Shepherdoo a few times, but it just never happens because it is going through the town for us, and which spells traffic and all the hassle. But this time we were very determined. That is because this time hubby has read the reviews and could not wait to try.

The Shepherdoo Klang is located at the Centro Klang mall. They have like a small separate building of their own with a garden concept. There are 2 seating types. One is completely indoors, right beside the kitchen. And the other by the bar, which is open to fresh air by the federal highway. Ok I shouldn't say fresh, but you know its open and mostly for smokers.

There is a very nice ambience throughout the restaurant. We arrived before 7pm, so they were slightly shorthanded, but nevertheless they made sure all customers were taken care very well.

We ordered their Shepherdoo Tapas platter to sample some of their signature dishes, together with Gringos burger, a huge thick burger and chicken tenders with potato wedges for the kid's. Yes, they do have a menu for the kids, which is not free but comes with bottomless drinks (for parents to drink away).

On the whole the food was just fabulous, very good down to the taste, freshness and flavour. The platter had dressings and seasonings of Asian and Mexican fusion and was just too good!

Everything has its good and bad. When our food and service on the day was perfect, we had our own problems. Jeev was slightly cranky that day because the indoor seating was not well air conditioned and felt a little stuffy. Jeev had his Triple Antigen booster the day before, and was just recovering from fever, hence his body was more sweaty than normal. And due to this he was very bothered in being indoors and kept on pointing to go out to the mall instead.

Full attention was on him to ease his discomfort and give him something to be busy with.

According to a certain someone (well duh!) the happy hours deal was very good, and their draft stout was very smooth. What else can I say? A happy belly is a happy belly! We are definitely going back there again because the menu is so huge and we need more time to try every single Mexican delight!

And oh, I had a passion fruit frozen margarita.

We met Sanju's favourite character from Jurassic Park at the I-City recently, and no one was happier than him.

And the next day they kids had a great great fun in their new inflatable pool that we got for free for buying lots of disposable diapers.

I had to be very discreet in snapping this photo as I did not want my kids suing me in the future for indecent exposure!

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