Wednesday, October 13, 2010

10 things to do when stuck at a traffic jam

On average, most Klang Valley-ians spend abt 2 hours daily in the traffic jam, based on the statistics of my own experience. Apart from getting stressed and angry over the traffic, why not use the time and mood for something more therapeutic, such as:

  1. Do a 5S on receipts, bills and whatnot in the glove compartments, and pockets on the door, arrange bank notes neatly, and count the coins in the designated compartment
  2. Pluck your eyebrows and/or other facial hair
  3. Pick your nose, ear, whatever while (you think) no one is looking
  4. Mime or sing along to the latest Bollywood song while imagining being in a duet with Salman Khan
  5. Touch up your make up, or put on some if you haven't yet. Always make sure you have a spare set of make up essentials in the handbag, comes handy in times of heavy traffic.
  6. Admire pictures of your loved ones in your handphone.
  7. Read the news RSS feeds on your handphone.
  8. Organize your handbag - its time to throw away the receipt from 4 months ago
  9. Look into the cars next to you, try to figure out what the others are doing
  10. Plan the topic for your next blog!

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