Tuesday, October 12, 2010

10/10/10 Tragedy

On a date that is witnessed only once in a century, Malaysia has it marked with the worst highway accident ever. With a total of 12 deaths and numerous others with severe injuries, human life seems to be cheaper than the price of a bus ticket. Encounters and stories by victims and their family members yet again remind us of the value of life.

So who is to be blamed for the loss of precious lives? Investigation into the incident has started the blame game among the authorities. Apparently the driver had a good record, and the bus brakes and types were said to be in a good condition. And then there were claims that the guard rails were not strong enough, which is absurd, regardless of the guard rail strength, the bus' speeding cannot be justified. Even if the guard rail was super strong, at that speed driving, similar damage would have occurred had the bus not swerved into the opposite side of the highway. The last I heard on the radio news update, they are now going to probe into the physical conditions of the driver. Wonder if they have not performed the last rites yet.

Whatever it is, I just pray (I say pray, because it is somewhat of a miracle to happen) that the authorities take necessary steps to avoid such tragedy in the future. It is not uncommon to see such reckless and speed driving of a heavy vehicle on the road. So what if they have the LPKP contact numbers for complaint, how many times have we taken initiative to complain? Even if we did, what is the guarantee that action will be taken.

Seeing the conditions of some heavy vehicles on the road daily, it is a wonder if there are any auditing or preventive maintenance done on them. Most are overloaded with heavy goods, strapped with flimsy looking ropes, and lean on broken and soft rails, being driven on the fast lane! What are the traffic police doing about it?

To think that my mother's express bus to KL just passed that area minutes before the crash, and a friend of my sister was in the bus, but escaped with minor glass cuts, it all seems to be to close to me.. and I am sure the same for others out there too.

My heartfelt condolences to the families that lost their loved ones. Here's hoping that authorities finally have got their eyes open and step up on their enforcements, and to us civilians, lets do our part in reporting to LPKP on reckless drivers (don't report me, I don't drive a heavy vehicle).

Read the news on the accident here.


Zhi Shan said...

deaths are part & parcel of life.

sometimes, irregardless of the preventive actions taken, if you are destined to die, you die. =/


QarezmaV said...

ugly truth of life, but still its is disheartening seeing/knowing this

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