Thursday, October 28, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Awards from Sheena & Mei Hooi

Thanks Sheena and Mei Hooi for the beautiful beautiful blogger award. The award makes me blog much more beautiful indeed! Sheena and Mei Hooi are beautiful and wonderful mamas I got to know through forums of 'common interest' and now developing further into blogging interest.

This is how we go about doing it:

1. Thank the person who gave you this award and the link of the person
Thanks to Sheena and Mei Hooi both for giving me this award!

2. Need to choose 15 awesome bloggers and their blog!!
I have a short but very important list of blogger buddies... they are:

3. Tell 7 things about me
  1. A FTWM who does overtime mama tasks to make up for the lost time *sob*sob*
  2. Hubby thinks I am a CD addict, but I have a very humble stash
  3. I love experimenting while cooking, and I have an 'always ready & hungry' guinea pig, no prize for guessing who
  4. I am a new but avid blogger - love sharing informations and ideas with friends
  5. I get extraordinarily excited doing perl scripting
  6. I secretly love dunking cream crackers into ginger tea
  7. I need my daily ginger tea fix, or at least, just tea
Lets keep this award going, I hope the bloggers I chose will post the same on their blog (except Sheena & Mei Hooi).


Darren said...

i must admit that i am your blog's fan....
when one day i open my own blog..i'll definitely write there.."inspired by", QarezmaV

QarezmaV said...

awww i am more touched and glad than proud :)

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