Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Powdered Anchovies for Baby

As a FTWM, I steal time from my baby's sleeping hours in order to prepare food that can be frozen and used up to 1-2 weeks, at the same time add nutrition and variety to his daily meals.

One such food is anchovies. I decided not to cook it in the porridge as it tends to get smelly, and also by preparing powdered version in a batch, I could put it in anything else that I prepare, be it cereals or potato meals. Thanks to the friendly mama who gave me this idea.

The method is first to wash and toss the anchovies. Next, fry it in a dry non-stick pan (without oil), till it becomes totally brown. Alternatively, you can also cook/roast it in the microwave oven till it browns. Let it cook down, and grind it in the dry grinder.

Here's my first batch of powdered anchovies, it tastes great in Sanju's meals... yeah I do taste them since they seem to smell better than adult foods!

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