Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Faking it!

No fake handbags, neither fake anatomies... I am referring to fake accents.

I listen to the FlyFM's Pagi Show on a daily basis (while being stuck in massive Subang & Federal Highway jam). I noticed that there are a lot of callers with some sort of accent, which is definitely not Malaysian. Ok so I've met a few teenagers from international schools, who inherit accents from their school, but what are the possibilities of 90% of the callers being international school students?
Even some of the advertisements aired on radio stations have speakers with some weird fake accent. Wonder what is that trying to promote... or why are they faking it, are they ashamed of their natural Malaysian accents, or just trying to be 'US mari'? Well to me, it just sounds like they have been watching too much of channel E! on Astro...

If you are wondering about me, it is not an accent, I just lisp :P

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