Monday, January 31, 2011

And He Turns One

This is a very much delayed post, thanks to the four-letter-word issue and the very frustrating laptop repair ordeal that lasted for 3 months. The latter deserves a whole post of its own, I shall get on to it when I am in the mood for another ranting.

But hey, my son turned 1 year old 2 weeks ago, and is now officially a toddler. It is now legal for him to drink (fresh cow's milk, dont get ideas) and eat (whole egg), which have been tested (sounds like lab mouse) and certified good-to-go based on the 4-day rule! And why is mom so happy on the eating and drinking part? Well I guess I am just looking forward to the change of routine and habits in cooking... With him taking more chunkier food, I am excited that I can now cook for all of us, and let him have it (sans the salt, chilli).

We planned a small celebration at home with family, relatives and friends, which turned out not so small in the end. My favourite part of it, was the birthday cake. We choose a football themed cake for the little football enthusiast.

You might wonder why is the field red in colour. Papa requested it so that it would match Sanju's birthday vest... so fashion forward little fella. The cake of a whopping 3.9kg was american chocolate in the inside, and was so totally irresistable! Thankfully we had a good amount balance for us to savour once the celebration was over.

Here's a picture of the birthday boy on his birthday eve, he loves wearing kohl (kajal) just like his mom and mausis (maternal aunty), posing with his mother's headband. Sanju is a handsome toddler with a pretty girly face, don't you think?


Cas said...

Happy Belated Birthday Sanju. He's growing more handsome! Enjoy toddlerhood - I have 7 more months to go!

QarezmaV said...

thanks.. in some ways toddlerhood is more tiring than a relatively quiet baby.. sigh

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