Sunday, January 2, 2011

Weaning off the Pacifier

Sanju has been on the pacifier since he was 1 month old. We resorted to the pacifier because he used to nurse to sleep, and would immediately wake up once I put him down to sleep. Also, it came in handy when at nights that he woke up, cried refused to sleep. The pacifier helped to soothe him, while us parents got some sanity, and sleep. Since then, Sanju was on the pacifier strictly during naps and sleep time. Sucking on the pacifier helps him to fall asleep easily, and believe me, it is a bliss when he can sleep or nap when needed for his much needed rest and development, and for some break time for myself. I had planned to wean him off, but never knew when or how to start.

It was last week that my babysitter revealed to me that she did not use pacifier for Sanju's nap times for the last 1 week due to moulding on the pacifier after her 1 month leave. I read somewhere that it takes only 3 days to break or create a routine for baby. It then occurred to me, if he can do it at day time, I should start weaning him off at night time as well.

As the parents, there are 3 basic rules to follow:
1) Be patient, and do not stress, otherwise your baby will sense it and get stressed as well
2) Do not give up
3) Do not break rule #1 & #2

Here is how it progressed:
Day 1: Sanju drank his milk. Both ma and papa tried to put him to sleep by carrying, rocking, singing, patting, etc. For a while he nearly slept, but got excited by sudden movement from papa, and poof, he is awake! Gave up (yes, kick me), gave him the pacifier and my little angel slept nicely. Note: Papa=playtime. Papa to be away from bedroom on next few days try.

Day 2: Sanju drank his milk, and was pretty drowsy. Slept off after some patting.

Day 3: Sanju drank his milk, but was restless. Tossing and turning. Put him on my tummy and rocked him to sleep.

Day 4: Sanju drank his milk, was at in-law's place. New place, and he was a little restless. Took 5-10 mins of tossing and turning, but he fell asleep eventually.

Day 5: Sanju drank his milk, and by no means was sleepy yet. Carried and rocked him, sang song, but he was too alert. Took him back to the bed, and was asleep in 5 mins.

4 days without the pacifier and going strong! Of course his bedtime now involves a lot of singing, rocking, patting and hugging, but hey, he is a big boy now... Will only progress better!

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