Monday, January 3, 2011

Baby Oh Baby!

Inspired by ClothDiaperMalaysia's post on the similar topic here, I thought I'd share my baby experience. I can't believe the little devil is about to reach 12 months in a few week's time. I can still remember same time last year I was busy shopping for baby stuff, and getting lotsa walking to ease the delivery.

5 Baby Things I Can't Live Without:
  1. Baby Oil - Mom has this practice of massaging baby with oil before bath time. It helps to keep the water off and dry the body better, as well as provide excellent stimulant and skin to skin contact to soothe baby. Amazingly, apart from his first few massage sessions, Sanju grew to like his massage sessions, even now he'd happily turn to his stomach while I lather him with oil.
  2. Fisher Price NB-to-toddlerhood Rocker - This was a present from my brother, and how useful! Came in very handy when I needed to put him for him much needed nap, or just keep him occupied with the mobile while I dash off to attend to something. But one thing I never understood, Sanju never liked the vibration mode.
  3. Cloth Diapers - Need I say more? CDs were like god-sent. Made my life much better, especially with those revolutionary (to put it simple, thick and absorbant) night diapers. No more diaper change in the middle of the night!
  4. Baby Sleep Routine - After 2 months of age, I finally managed to put Sanju in a sleep routine. It helped him to sleep more (if not throughout) at night. Also the discipline got him familiar with the ambience of sleep time, does not take much time to get him dozed off during his routine timings.
  5. Pacifier - Well this happened to become an essential in times of desperate needs. I just happened to blog about it here a few days ago. And the good news is, he is finally weaned off. As Rancho would say, ALL IZZ WELL!
Thinking back, there are some things that I wish I could have done differently. For one thing, I would want to breastfeed till at least 1 year old, but it did not work out with Sanju due to many reasons. For another, I wish I went for babaywearing to soothe him during his fussy day, rather than using the pacifier. Buy hey, there is always a next time, isnt it?


xuen said...

hi there

can share what's your night time diapering like? are you using fitted or any others? please share the CD brand if possible. thx in advance. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

QarezmaV said...

HI xuen, I am yet to try any fitted dipes.

I've written abt night time diaper, check out the Cloth Diapers category. Basically, I am using the bamboolite foldover inserts with my bamboolite and Bumgenius covers. It works well on my heavy wetter. Also the local WAHM made blingbumz with 10 layers works wonders too!

Anyways, i might graduate to a fitted in the future.. hehe

Kit said...

Your boy is so handsome!!! I loved giving massages to my boy too because he's so active - sigh, really miss those sessions with him. Treasure them ya...

QarezmaV said...

Even a diaper change is a challenge now.. counting down to his first bday!

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