Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Baby Milestones

Gone are the days of monthly milestones, now Sanju is reaching his 1st birthday, and would soon be on annual milestones, where did the time fly to? I still remember the night I started having contractions and knowing something was about to happen, I warned the (busy and tired) hubby not to put his phone on silent, and lookout for calls from me that night. My better-half actually packed his bags, sat in the hall watching TV, waiting for my call, for he had to make a fast drive down to JB once I give the green light. I went home 1 month prior to due date to pamper (and stuff) myself with mom's TLC (and homecooked food).

Thinking back, its been a sweet journey of ups and downs of different magnitude, vector and degree. Here are some of developments and experiences of my sweet 1 year-old-to-be:

  • drinks water from a straw cup since 11mo (sometimes sips too much that he sort of drowns LOL)
  • Crawls, stands with and without support since 10 mo. Can walk a few steps on his own
  • Claps, dances to songs, waves goodbye, shakes hand and raises his hands for a hi-5
  • Says mamam, mama (sorry papa, but I am coaching him for you)
  • Plays hide and seek, in English, Hindi and Tamil
  • Understands 'take' and 'give'
  • Can bite, chew/gum on papaya, banana, grapes
  • Loves chocolate - yea we broke some rules and gave him chocolates whenever his chocoholic papa was having it
  • Climbs up and down the 3inch step between our hall & kitchen (done with supervision)
  • I have witnessed him climb 3 steps of the stairs, no joke, again, with supervision
  • Is off the pacifier
  • Spent 3 days 2 nights at the hospital like a brave boy
  • LOVES AND ABSOLUTELY LOVES watching the football TV ads since like 5mo
Well this is just the beginning, more sweet memories to come while this boy grows into a handsome little chap, potentially a football player. While at that, hubby is pretty convinced that he will start breaking hearts at 14 years of age. Till then, lets count more and more birthdays, yeah, mine too, but I gotta remain a hot mama for a hot baby.


Cas said...

YAY Sanju. They grow so fast dont they? Feels like it was only yday that I gave birth to Sairah.

QarezmaV said...

tell me about it... growing up and getting more demanding

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