Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Four Letter Word

I am not the swearing type, unless it gets really frustrating. Life's been busy enough with my baby graduating to toddlerhood, and on top of that, I have this four-letter word to deal with for the last 1 month.

The word is actually NISplus, it might not be a four letter word, but written most commonly, NIS+, it does make up into 4 letters. Then again, one might argue, it is 3 letters and 1 special character. It stands for Network Information Services which is more secure as far as authentication and encryption is concerned. And yea, it is NIS/NYS compatible.

I have zero idea and knowledge on it, and during numerous troubleshooting occasions I have successfully messed up plenty of the settings and features. The bomb has exploded, now waiting for post mortem and the aftermath. You'd think that after 1 month of extensive troubleshooting I am probably now an expert... in fact very far from that. It is not my fault that our workstations are all using OS of ancient legacies and different versions. By the time I read up one, I realise it does not work for the other.

Why kill you with the technicalities I have already been killing myself softly with? Just thought of using my blog to rant and vent my feelings on this four-letter word. The moral of the story, if its broken, let it be. Till then, have a nice time while I continue firefighting.

For your reading (dis)pleasure, info on NIS+ here.

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