Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Cooking For The Non Eater (Recipes)

In our household we have two good eaters (not including myself) and a NON eater. 

From the time Sanju started his solids, I never had headache over feeding him because he pretty much ate everything I prepared and fed him. As he grew older he became adventurous with his food like his father, and continued enjoying whatever comes on his plate (or spoon, cos he is spoon fed after all).

Then came Jeev. He has been very different from Sanju in many ways, and one of it is indeed eating. He is a smaller, slow and picky eater. He is very temperamental, and his preference changes from time to time. One day he likes something, next day he will reject it completely.

The past one week has been the first time that he rejected everything. I tried feeding from rice dishes, soup, pasta, noodles to capati. There were also moments when he happily did eat his capati, soup or pasta, but the next feeding he would reject it. 

Over the weekend he was somewhat different, enjoying the outings and eating at restaurants with us. Somehow it was so mind boggling to see him behave differently at home and outside.

Seeing the fussiness over food again this week, I let him have some finger foods such as nuggets and buns, and he was fine in munching on them over his own sweet time. Picky, and slow. So I gotta gear down and cater to his preference. Because I am his personal (non certified) chef after all.

Do not feel pity over this poor boy. He was hiding his face from the food as if I tortured him for fun. 


So I was a mom on a mission. 

First thing I tried egg fritatta muffins. The method is very simple, mix 4 eggs with half cup of milk, add grated carrots, some salt and pepper. Beat together, and slowly pour them into the muffin tins. Sprinkle each with cheddar cheese and parsley. Verdict: No go with Jeev, but other (great) eaters loved it.

Next I saw him munching on plain tortilla bread, and thought why not glorify it. So I toasted the tortilla bread in my HCP, spread some pasta sauce and sprinkle some cheddar cheese. Fold and let it stick.Verdict: A HIT (Jumping of joy!)

After that I thought why not upgrade the tortilla bread to homemade capati as it is rich with its own wholemeal goodness. Same thing as the previous tortilla bites, but this time I also spread some egg on it. Verdict: A HIT, although my capatis turned out a bit hard, gotta work on that.

So these have the little efforts in trying to get the non eater to eat something at least. From the observations, it can be concluded that he loves to self feed on bite sized food. Hence finger foods it is. Also I don't chase him for meal times anymore. I ask and let him eat as he pleases. Next in the list will be finger foods involving meat and fish. But I am hoping that this is just a temporary condition because its gonna be hard cooking a separate dish everytime for just Jeev. A happy kid is a happy mom is a happy kid!

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