Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Healthy Snacking Day

It was a rare day. Abnormally rare day. Unusually abnormally rare day. Ok I think you got my point there.

Since I was not cooking I baked and grilled something. My usually weekday bakes are usually breads or muffins that do not count any calories or fat in the worry of running off the scale. But I was itching to try something new, yet again. 

So this time I was baking a bread, a carrot and walnut bread which I got from the dailydelicious site. By the way, this site has been my bible, my best friend and my know-all ever since I started baking various buns. As I did not have any rye flour, I just omitted it, and added a little vanilla essence for the aroma and some milk because the batter was too dry. The final product was rather like a cake, but very less oily and almost non sweet cake, yet flavourful with the carrot and walnut.

Next was my task to cook some corn on the cob, for which I relied on my trusted Happy Call Pan to get the nice grilling effect. I might have cheated here a bit because I sauteed 3 cloves of minced garlic with butter before adding in the corn and half cup of water. Cook with pan closed, once water is almost evaporated, keep turning the corns till you get desired char grilled effect. And oh, you can dab the corns with more butter as you do this. Yummm *Paula Deen style* get your butter one!

 And here is my little kitchen helper helping me to clean the batter off the whisk. Yes, YUMM again.

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