Sunday, March 3, 2013

Kids Eat Free

We love seeing these words whenever we eat out. It does not matter if the T&C requires us to buy certain main dish or spend above XX to be eligible for this. Because any free food is good food. 

Perhaps it is the only good thing about lugging the active kids out to a nice diner. Not only the kids would appreciate it but we adults also can top up with it once we are done gobbling up our own dishes.

After what felt like ages we finally visited Bubba Gump over the weekend and this time we brought our whole gang. The kids had burger and pasta.

The first thing I did was to check for the chocolate thing on the menu and my heart almost dropped when I did not see it there. The waiter brought some life into me when he assured us that it is still served though it is not in the new menu. The other person who would have freaked out worse than me, my hubby of course, actually was oblivious to this as he was busy on the phone talking about his phone. Complicated story, yes, I know.

Turns out Sanju is an expert in eating his burger.

Someone did his artwork on the menu. So if next time you see us being on the wanted list at the Sunway outlet, you know why.  And to protect our identities I am not telling who.

And hey, look who we met at Sunway Pyramid. This was a new addition at the superhero shop. The kids refused to budge, and once they do decide to walk on they find the DC Comic store. We spend loads of sweet talk to get the kids from buying everything in the store, even the display mannequins, or rather man-e-quins because they are all male superheroes.


Darren said...

hahaha...nice one <3

Cas said...

Oh I love Bubba Gump...but I didnt know kids could eat for free, time to go claim free food for Sairah, lol. Your kids have grown up so much and they look soo adorable!

QarezmaV said...

Darren, the kids can be so annoying yet adorable at these times.

Cas,I din know abt the free food till I asked. U should claim yours while she is still below 12, They grow up fast! For now we have TGIF, chillis, bubba gump and pizza hut in the list

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